An Egg Dyeing Mini-Party

This post is a little belated, but I've always loved Easter, so tonight I'm sharing with you some of the fun we had this year.

I know Christmas usually gets all the love, what with Santa, and presents, and all, but the Easter story always touches my heart in a special way. And, in all honesty, Jesus' birth is important, but without His death on the cross and Resurrection, where would we be? So in our house, we always have special celebrations around Easter.

One of my favorite Easter traditions is dyeing eggs. Every year, we invite my nephews and nieces over to color eggs with us. And every year, we run into the problems of how best to let the eggs dry, how to keep track of which eggs belong to whom, and how to easily transport all the eggs home with the kids. So, when I found these cute half-dozen egg cartons in the Dollar Spot at Target, I knew they'd be perfect for this year's egg dyeing eggtravaganza! (Sorry, I know that's a tired joke, but I had to)



Aren't they fun?! Anyway, these babies inspired a little mini-party.

I hard-boiled about 6 dozen eggs (hard to color eggs without... eggs, amiright?).


DSC_5546 copy.jpg

Each of the kiddos got a carton full of eggs, plus, since some of the cousins couldn't make it this year, we had a few extras.

I also made some egg-drying stands by out of a bunch of toilet paper tubes I had saved. I just cut a slit down the tube lengthwise, then cut it into sections, overlapped the edges so they were a tighter circle and taped them together. Easy-peasy, and no more pooled dye at the bottom of the egg carton, hooray!

To keep things organized, I threw some craft paper on the table, drew a circle for each child and put 6 egg stands inside the circle. Once everyone found a good spot, I wrote their names in the circles so we knew which eggs belonged to which child. Then I let them have at it! They had a lot of fun, not only dyeing eggs the traditional way, but also decorating them with Sharpies and other markers!



When their eggs were dry, they just stuck them back in their cartons, put their names on them, and they were ready to roll!

And, after everyone was done, I had a little fun and made some eggs of my own (inspired by this post)!