A Vintage Train- Themed 4th Birthday

So. We recently celebrated another birthday in our house- the summer months are full of them around here! Number Four turned four at the beginning of the month, and we celebrated with a train-themed birthday party. I prefer to use themes that don't center around licensed characters and I love all things vintage, so I tried to take his train request in that direction, using a lot of natural elements and vintage looking items in the decor. 

We kept it pretty simple, inviting family and just his one little friend. I created invitations that resembled vintage train tickets. We have this great collection of older Geotrax trains that we've been acquiring since our oldest was about three, so we brought those out and set up a large track for the kids to play with. His only food request was macaroni and cheese, so I added to that fruit, burger sliders and mini hotdogs (so fun!), and potato chips served in fun paper cones. We also had lots of sweet treats, including cake pops, chocolate covered marshmallows, and cake & ice cream, of course! Favors, displayed in vintage luggage, consisted of a train whistle (I'm sure parents loved me), an engineer's cap, and bandanna. Check out some of the details below!