Pom-Pom Monsters!

Ok, so yesterday was the first day of fall, and it was seriously 91 degrees here! What is that about?! I want cool weather and scarves and coffee and pumpkin everything and jeans and boots and sweaters and Halloween costumes and...well, I want FALL! So, despite the weather's lack of cooperation, I broke out the fall activities and we made some cute pom-pom monsters. You guys, I seriously love yarn pom-poms. They're so easy to make and fun to play and decorate with! Not only did these pom-pom monsters turn out super cute, but the kiddos had tons of fun making them!

First, I put out this invitation to play:


In the muffin tin, I included small pom-poms, feathers, different kinds of googly eyes, and some pieces cut from foam sheets. I also layed out glue and chenille stems which I had cut in half for a previous something forever ago.

Then I let them pick some colors of yarn to make into pom-poms. If you've never made a yarn pom-pom, here is a quick breakdown:

You will need:

  1. Yarn
  2. Scissors
  3. A piece of cardboard approximately the desired width of your pom-pom (or just use your hand)
  1. Wrap the yarn around the cardboard (or your hand). Wrap snugly, but not too tightly, because you'll need to be able to slide the yarn off. The more yarn you wrap, the fuller your pom will be.
  2. When you think you have enough, cut the end off. Then cut another length of yarn with which to tie off the pom.
  3. Slide the pom off the piece of cardboard and lay it on top of the length of yarn.
  4. Wrap the separate piece of yarn up and over the top of the pom, crossing it over. Pull tight and tie a good knot. You should have many loops of yarn at either end.
  5. Slide blade of scissors through one end of loops and cut.
  6. Flip pom around and cut through loops at other end. Trim off any overly-long pieces, and you're done!

Once I had their pom-poms made, I handed them over and let the kiddos have some fun! 


Let me tell you, these two are four and five years old...any activity involving glueing is SO EXCITING for them, because glue is pretty much the best thing ever. This kept them (and me) occupied for a good 45 minutes, and my six-year-old has been asking to make some since she got home from school yesterday, so I think we'll be making more very soon. I think I'll make them into a garland and let them put it up when it's time to decorate for Halloween!