Tween Spa Birthday Party

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This year for her birthday, Sophia wanted to get her sister, cousins & some friends together for a spa day. We tossed around the idea of heading to one of those kids' salons that do birthday parties, but we really wanted something a little more grown-up and a little less princess-ey. So instead, I put together a day at the spa for her and her guests. We had to celebrate a little early, as our scheduled vacation was going to put us out of town on her actual birthday, and since it's been over and done for more than a month now, it's definitely time to share all the details!

Because our house doesn't have a lot of space, we opted to transform the studio where I work into a spa for the evening. Since we were taking everyone back to our house afterward for dinner and a sleepover afterward, we invited everyone to come in their pajamas and robes if they wanted.

The girls enjoyed some light refreshments including fruit, cheese cubes and pretzels. We also had sparkling pink lemonade with raspberries to garnish, and fruit-infused water (raspberry-lemon and strawberry-watermelon).

We started the evening with pedicures. Each girl got a pair of slippers to wear inside the "spa". They soaked their feet in a warm bath with bubbles while they relaxed and enjoyed some refreshments. Then we did a quick scrub/exfoliation and massage, then painted toenails.

Pedicure Supplies: White Dish Tubs // Bubble Bath // Hand Towels // Pedicure Paddles // Sugar Scrub // Slippers (Dollar Tree- Sold Out) // Polish Organizers // Assorted polishes from our collection at home

After their pedicures were finished, we did some mini-facials. For the facials, each girl was given:

  • mirror
  • hair clip and head band to keep hair out of the way
  • witch hazel & cotton balls to clean her face
  • exfoliating facial brush
  • rose mud mask
  • cucumber slices
  • towel for behind the neck/drying her face
  • water for rinsing the mud mask
  • moisturizer

We talked about each item and its purpose, and then I invited the girls to do their own facials.

Facial Supplies: White Bowls // Glass Plates // Microfiber Cloths // Glass Jars // Small Bottles // Facial Exfoliating Brushes // Mirrors // Head Bands // Hair Clips // Mud Masks

Once the girls finished up with their facials, they had some time to make their own bath bombs and nail polish.

We used a very simple recipe for the bath bombs:

In a bowl, stir together the cornstarch, citric acid and baking soda. Add coconut oil and a few drops of your chosen essential for scent. Drop in water slowly until the mixture is the consistency of wet sand (if it bubbles, you are adding water too quickly). Pack into your mold and allow to dry for several hours.

The  DIY Nail Polish Bar was inspired by this post. I bought nail polish base, scoops for the mica powders, and extra shaker balls from Brambleberry, and the nail polish bottles, mica powders, and glitter from Amazon.

At the end of the party, the girls got to take home all of their facial and foot tools, as well as their nail polishes and bath bombs. All told, I think the girls really had a good time, and would definitely do this again!